Differences between CS:GO and CS 1.6

CS 1.6 was released 20 years ago, but that didn’t prevent it from remaining one of the most popular shooters for a long time, and even to this day retaining tens of thousands of fans around the world. But after the release of CS:GO the time of the legendary shooter came to an end – professional players abandoned the old discipline, and after them, many ordinary shooter fans left. As a result, the discipline abandoned the organizers of major tournaments and bookmakers, because of what now in the line of the largest bookmakers, you can find only matches CS:GO. Let’s look into the differences between the two shooters and whether CS 1.6 really deserved to be retired.

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The first and one of the main differences between CS:GO and CS 1.6 is, of course, the graphics. At the time Global Offensive was released in 2012, the graphics of 1.6 already looked very, very outdated. The only reason many players remained faithful to the game – a unique gameplay, which was no alternative, and there is no to this day. CS:GO is fully consistent graphically multiplayer shooters of the time, and now the graphics in it can not be called bad after several updates.

Graphics is a very important parameter, so that players from all over the world have quickly expressed their preference for a new version of the game. After all, time is not standing still and it is necessary to introduce new technologies. If you like shooters, then CS won’t be the only game. So you should understand it and use all the opportunities that are in front of you. This will create perfect conditions for you to have more fun, because the graphics is an important aspect that you need to take into account.

The balance of maps

Most of the old maps have been changed so that the balance between the sides is roughly equal. Some of them, such as de_dust_2, were even removed from the list of maps available in cybersport matches until they were brought to optimal balance. All of this improved the game for both casual gamers and at the professional level.

Weapons Balance

Rebalancing was also done for various weapons. First and foremost, it affected AK-47, which was the most desired weapon in CS 1.6, and it was preferred even by special forces, collecting from eliminated opponents. In CS:GO, the recoil of this weapon has increased, making it much harder to shoot. At the same time improved other weapons. For example, the Negev is now much more convenient to shoot. There are also new grenades and objects that have increased the importance of proper tactics.

Game Modes

For usual CS:GO gamers we’ve added several additional modes of the game that can entertain every fan of this shooter. Of course, in CS 1.6 there were a lot of servers offering interesting and unusual gameplay (many of them have been adapted for the CS:GO engine), but all of them – in-game modes, you can enter through the menu, avoiding the IP search and other manipulations with the client.

But CS 1.6 is still popular. Not everyone had enough power in the computer to play CS:GO, and some just consider it worse than the “immortal classic”. In any case, to decide which shooter is better, every player should decide for himself. You can also open https://csgo.net/upgrade to find there are a lot of interesting add-ons that will help you change the game visually.