Gambling addiction: a diagnosis or a type of character?

Many people say that addicted gamblers are sick people. But is this true? Maybe gamblers play not only because of addiction, but because their lifestyle excludes the possibility of other behavior? Now there are a lot of excellent casinos, which can bring you a lot of pleasant emotions. You can go to and choose a casino that you like. Nevertheless, there are situations where gambling can become an addiction. The only question is, can everyone become addicted to gambling, or is it more of a pathology, which is not so common?

Basics of psychology and behavioral features

If you observe experienced players, sooner or later comes the realization that gambling is already inherent in their character. In fact, it is a set of different traits, which eventually form the thinking, in science called addiction. At the same time the person may perfectly understand the essence of the problem and even speak openly about it in public. Such a gambler tends to spend all the savings on the game, and then borrow money and also squander them on the game. Why? The fact is that a gambling addict, regardless of status or gender, sees no value in money. For the addict, money is just an ordinary expendable material that can be obtained in some way, such as earning or borrowing. And when the money runs out, most gamblers are upset, not because of the fact of their loss, but because it is impossible to continue the game.

It is clear that such players do not become – they are born. In each of us at a young age displays the traits of involvement. Thus a player is not necessarily “addicted” to gambling. He is often a very good worker, because he knows how to abstract and fully immerse himself in the process. If you do some minimal research and make some statistics based on it, you can conclude that people with money are more likely to become gamblers. They easily say goodbye to large sums and earn more than the average. Addiction can also manifest itself in many other things, such as learning something or a hobby, when a person with trepidation and care collects seemingly useless things.

Another distinction of such a gambler is a reduced level of fear. For example, individuals involved in gambling can be easily distinguished by their driving style. It is not difficult for them to “squeeze out” all the 200 km/hour on the speedometer without fear of possible consequences. Such people can easily get involved in a conflict situation, not afraid to defend their principles or take more responsibility.

Gambling addiction is not a disease?

Based on the above, it is quite logical to conclude that the opinion of what-is-a-disease is mistaken. Rather, it is a set of certain qualities, which in the process of excessive enthusiasm for something make itself felt. In fact, it does not matter what kind of addiction a person has – problems with alcohol, drugs or endless garbage collection. You have to accept yourself as you are, study your weaknesses and at some point take the will in your fist. Self-criticism and whipping you will only make yourself worse. There is no need to cause even more depression. It is enough only with a sober mind to look at the problems and come to a single solution.

On the other hand, thousands of players around the world enjoy online slots canada using casinos from rating. At the same time, many do it consciously for the sake of gambling pleasure or for the ghostly chance of winning the jackpot. Nevertheless, addiction is not typical for such players, so it is all individual.