Prolonged intercourse

The duration of sexual intercourse with violations of the reproductive system provides a number of drugs, biological additives (dietary supplements ), as well as various tinctures on herbs and other components, creams, ointments, sprays, etc They constitute one large group for the normalization of erectile dysfunction in men, which can be caused by a variety of reasons.

The causes of impotence can be a violation of the nervous system due to frequent nervous breakdowns or herbs intervertebral discs, spinal cord and brain, acquired in the flow and life. Diseases of the venous vessels, genitourinary system can also cause impotence. The most common symptoms of impotence are lack of orgasm and weak libido.

Medicines for prolonged intercourse

For effective treatment of erectal dysfunction, it is imperative to find out the reason that provoked this problem by visiting a doctor and undergoing a full examination. The therapy carried out without consulting a specialist or finding out the root cause will be ineffective. There are a number of remedies available to help you fully enjoy the night with your beloved.

1. Phosphodiesterase inhibitors. These include such popular drugs like Viagra, Levitra , Cialis it dry odes these names are the following active ingredients: sildenafil , tadalafil and vardenafil . All of them have a common mechanism of action, but the duration of the effect differs due to the use of various active ingredients from 5 hours in ( sildenafil ) and up to 36 hours ( tadalafil ). The effect occurs within 20-60 minutes after administration. 

An abundant amount of fatty foods does not affect the manifestation of the effect. Only alcohol can slow down the result. These drugs relax the blood vessels and have an antihypertensive effect, thereby lowering blood pressure. For people suffering from cardiovascular insufficiency or chronic heart disease, it is recommended to choose other drugs for the treatment of potency, since they increase the heart rate. 

2. Activators of nitric oxide. A prominent representative of this group is the drug Impaza . It contains purified antibodies to the nitric oxide enzyme. The action takes place due to the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the vessels and due to this, the blood flow to the penis increases. The advantage is the ability to take the drug simultaneously with nitrate – containing substances.

3. Testosterone. Preparations with this hormone are sold only by prescription when a doctor confirms low testosterone levels in the blood. In addition to tests, there should be symptoms such as a decrease in the patient’s sexual desire, quick quenching , weakness, etc. Only a doctor can prescribe a medicine and the optimal dosage necessary to solve the problem. 

4.Homeopathic tablets. These tablets are vegetable based. These include many dietary supplements : golden horse, tribestan and others. It unfortunately they have a lower efficiency compared with chemical agents, but have very little or even no side effects.


Nowadays, on the shelves of pharmacies, more and more often there are medicinal products called generics . They are an absolute analogue of existing drugs, but they are more affordable than original drugs, anesthetic drugs, or drugs for potency. Such products imply more democratic prices for consumers with the same quality and related effects. It was the demand that gave rise to the emergence of such drugs. 

Medicines are among the most popular products among the population of any country. They are acquired by everyone: from low-income people to millionaires. It takes years or even decades to create a formulation of the active substance of the drug. In addition, you need to know its effectiveness, side effects, tests, spend a lot of money on advertising campaigns.

Taking into account the fact that the patent lasts 25 years, both the developer and the manufacturer must cover their costs in the remaining time and even manage to earn extra money on it. For these reasons, the price of patented drugs is quite high. In turn, generics are much cheaper, because the manufacturer no longer needs to spend money on the development of new manufacturing technologies, and does not need to invest fierce money in advertising and PR. The names of generics that differ from the original by only 1-2 characters are perceived by consumers as original, familiar. Their sales are also higher due to their relatively low prices

At the same time, all copies and fakes should not be confused with an analogue. Copies are drugs that are recreated with non-observance of patent protection rights, that is, pirated products that stand alongside the original. Fakes are when the active substances in the preparation itself change while maintaining their appearance. Generic is a legal, solid, almost one hundred percent analogue of a well-known product. 


After reading this information, the question involuntarily arises: “What to choose after all?” The answer depends on what result and in what time frame you want to get. Of course, material possibilities also carry weight. The selection is best done together with a doctor, since each person needs their own dosage due to the individual characteristics of the body. Observing the dosage and using only proven drugs, you will get rid of the difficulties with sex for many years!